Harsh Improv Note #X

Grabbing a note... hold your horses...

Out of ten, how much did you take it to heart? X/10

Let me read another...

The Details

Harsh Improv Notes came out of the idea that we often give and receive notes in improvisation. More often than not we privately take them to heart, stewing on them and thinking them over long after the note was given. Seldom do we share the good notes and even more rarely do we take the time and publicly share the negative notes.

I posted simple request to several online communities (Reddit's /r/improv and Rapid Fire Theatre on Facebook), then I sifted through the hundreds of responses and here I present to you the best ones.

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The Request

Improvising friends from many different communities have shared notes they've received from instruction in many venues over many years of training.

Would you indulge me in sharing the Harshest Improv Note you ever received? I am working on a little art/improv project and I would love your ANONYMOUS truths! All submissions are completely anonymous, you could even Submit one now.

Special thanks to friends from: